Does the thought of wiring a media room drive you crazy?

The best thing about having a flat panel television floating on your wall is that there are no cables dangling from your TV. Our technicians are experienced at concealing all of your wires and cables so that your home entertainment center maintains a clean and floating appearance. Hiding cables behind a wall can be frustrating especially when you are dealing with cutting holes and fishing them around obstacles behind the drywall. But no worries we are the best at what we do.

With that said, for all of the hardcore DIY'ers out there who would like to handle the job on your own, we have a basic guideline and safety tips for your pre-wiring adventures...enjoy!

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Mounting a Flat Panel TV can be a big job!

Sound and Signal specializes in TV Installation and Mounting on all types of surfaces.

Our Technicians will optimize the position of your flat panel television so that you will have the best viewing experience. We will install it to your wall surface insuring that it is able to hold the weight of your TV. Finally we will leave your wall pristine from any damage; the end result is a perfect floating TV. We can also connect all your video components to your TV.

We will insure that your components are fully functional and that the connections are secure.

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Click below for a basic guide on how to mount your flat screen tv.

Professional Consultations

With Sound and Signal you have two forms of Support and Consultation. We will assign you your very own project manager that can help you with any decision making or questions you may have.

We will facilitate delivery of any product, and personally hand pick a technician in your area that will best fit your project needs.

Your second source of Consultation is your technician who will work with you to create the optimal experience in your home. We can show you any features that your entertainment system may have, and can field any questions about your new setup. We pride ourselves on being helpful and polite. This is our personal guarantee!
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