Home Theater

Sound and Signal can help you plan for your new home theater system. Our Technicians will optimize the position of your flat panel television and surround sound so that you will have the best viewing and audio experience. We will consult with you on your pre-wiring and cabling needs, best placement for sound and speakers, install the mounting hardware to your wall surface insuring that it is able to hold the weight of your TV. Finally we will leave your wall and room pristine from any damage; the end result is a perfect floating TV and surround sound. Click the button for short guide on creating a budget for a home theater.

Surround Sound

With the increasing popularity of HDTV, watching a DVD movie at home is a great entertainment experience. The picture is sharp, clear, and vibrant. But what about the sound? After all, that is one of the real attractions of going to a movie theater, the wraparound sound that lets you hear every detail. So is there a way to bring that kind of audio into our homes too? Absolutely! Click the button for a short guide on surround sound speaker placement.

Flat Screen TV Installation and Mounting

With the emergence of flat panel TV's and the likes of minimal clutter and creating more space, there's been a demand for TV wall mounting and installation. Click the button to learn more.

Pre-wiring/Post-wiring and Cabling

Although wireless technology continues to improve, it's still years away from being feasible for a high performance home theater, so wiring is still necessary for the foreseeable future. If you're currently in the process of building a new home, or remodeling an existing structure, pre-wiring your home theater room is cost effective, and will provide you with a custom setup that will circumvent many headaches that you'd face during future home theater upgrades. Click the button to read a short guide on wiring for a home theater system.

Security System Installation

Security camera system installations are becoming increasingly common in both homes and businesses and can vary in their quality and price. Designers / technicians will quote you on various camera systems that are available and will help you decide which system is best for your home or business. Click the button for more info on security system installations.

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